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Miscellaneous Information

The minimum thickness we will produce limestone is 1″. Our experience has taught us that this is required for stability in this material. We recommend that the minimum thickness on the Texas Shell is 1-1/2″, any thinner and you may have voids all the way through the material.

Large veneer panels should be a minimum of 2-1/2″ thickness.

On flooring and thin wall veneer of 1″, we recommend no more than 6 square feet in any one piece. Larger pieces may be easily broken in shipment or setting.

Long thin pieces will not necessarily save money. Limestone is brittle and long thin pieces may snap in either shipping or setting.

Limestone is relatively soft and porous compared to marble and granite. We do not recommend limestone for use as countertop material or in wet areas.

Sealers are recommended for paving and flooring but not for vertical applications. Sealers only allow a longer reaction time. Sealers do not make stone impenetrable to stains.

We highly recommend that limestone is kept above grade in vertical applications. Weep holes should be included in all wall applications.

If you have specific questions for us regarding limestone and limestone applications, please contact our experienced staff here or at 254-793-2329.