Architectural Cut
Stone Specialist


A special thanks to our Fabricators and Contractors.  We appreciate our continued relationships and are looking for ways to improve quality and efficiencies so we stay on budget and on time.  The beginning of a successful project starts with the quality and delivery of natural stone block to your facility or project. 

Continental Cream Quarries – “Cordova” Cream and Shell Limestone


Continental Cream Quarries knocks out the guess work on block purchases.  

 We are excited to announce our latest purchase of our Dazzini Chain saw mounted on a Caterpillar backhoe.  A double threat to waste and delivery:

  1. Service motivated: We trim the block at the quarry…Less waste for you, less freight cost per cubic foot.   
  2. Cracks and Seams: Once trimmed we will visually inspect for cracks and seams before it gets on the truck.
  3. Cost Savings per truck load: More Block delivered per truck load. Trimmed Block increases raw product to be loaded per truck.  Often creating 30% more cubic feet of raw material per truck.  


 Because Continental Cut Stone operates the quarries for “Cordova” Cream and “Cordova” Shell Limestone we supply the highest quality of block on time.  We have a wide range of options to include sizes colors and grades.  All are available for immediate delivery.   Special orders are always welcome.  Call our office for details at (254) 793-2329.

Slabs come with sawn finish.  We also have Boulders – Bench Block – Retaining Wall Block – for those landscaping features.

Continental Quarries – Lueders Limestone


Continental Quarries adds approximately 200 Acres to the Lueders Quarry to meet our nationwide demand.  New processing equipment and dirt movers push to provide quicker turnaround and quality.

Below is one of the core samples drawn from the new quarry location: