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Restoration: A Historic Landmark Reborn

“Historic Landmark Reborn.” Across from UT Campus stands considerable forethought and brilliant execution. On the busy Guadalupe Blvd. in Austin TX, sandwiched between heavy weekly traffic and weekend Church services, the project team Sixthriver, Brazos Masonry Inc, Rizzo Construction and others stayed the course to complete the newly designated Golden Trowel Award winning project. Dinner and Awards were on hand Friday evening. Over 220 guests with front row seats took in the winners of 9 categories. The St. Austin’s Catholic Church won the Restoration category with the help of special scaffolding from Spec Rents, LLC . Over 75% of the exterior stone was restored in place while allowing weekly services and daily traffic flow without (too much) disruption. The remaining stone replacements were gingerly fabricated by Continental Cut Stone, Inc. to mirror existing stone. The building owner was clear with his goal, “We want our building to look new…” Congratulations to the team! hashtag#masonry hashtag#stone hashtag#construction hashtag#building hashtag#historic hashtag#restoration

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